Serving White Pine Coffee, Roasted in Lake Orion

WPC sources only the highest quality Arabica coffees from around the world and takes every step to ensure your coffee will reach you freshly roasted and full of vitality.

White Pine Signature Blends - House

12 oz drip, 2.50

16 oz drip, 3.00

Whole Bean, 14.00


Shanty Boy: A durable and drinkable medium roast for those long hours and hard days. Featuring flavors from Africa, Central and South America. Notes of chocolate in this dependable blend provide a stimulating experience with satisfying body. 

Lumber Baron's Reserve - Single Origin

V60 pour over, 4.00

Chemex for two, 7.00

French press for one, 3.50

French press for two, 6.00


Ethiopian Yirgachefe-Mesele Haile/Micro-Lot: City Roast  

  • Washed and Sun-dried.  Altitude, 2000-2350m.  From Mesele Haile farm in Ethiopia  

  • Region: Gedeo zone/Yirgacheffe/Adame (Suko) 

  • Tasting Notes: Lemon and lime, clove and raisin with a creamy body and light finish

Costa Rican SHB Tarrazu: City Roast

  • Fully Washed.  Altitude, 1200-1800m.  From Small Holder Farms in Costa Rica

  • Region: Tarrazu 

  • Tasting Notes: Caramel aromas give way to chocolate, earthy and nutty flavors with a buttery mouth feel and clean aftertaste  

Peru Chirinos Rosendo Huaman/Micro-Lot: Medium Roast

  • Fully Washed and Sun-dried.  Altitude, 1700masl/5440ft.  From La Esperanza farm in Peru  

  • Region: Chirinos, La Palma, Cajamarca  

  • Tasting Notes: Sweet notes of toffee, caramel and citrus with a medium body and smooth aftertaste

Yemen Mocha A+: Medium Roast

  • Tree dried natural.  Altitude, 1900-2440masl - 6000-8000ft.  From small lot holders in Yemen 

  • Region: Yemeni

  • Tasting Notes: This is White Pine's most exotic offering.  A fruity and floral aroma with bright stone fruit, cherry and pear notes with a winey acidity that gives way to a rich and sweet caramel body  

Java Jampit Estate: Dark Roast

  • Fully Washed.  Altitude, 1100-1600masl.  From Jampit farm in Indonesia

  • Region, East Java, Sempol, Bondowoso Regency

  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, smooth, rich, earthy and clean

White Pine Signature Cold Brew

16 oz on draft over ice, 5.00


CrackAlacka: Unlike most readily available cold brews, White Pine's secret recipe is served straight--not cut with water. Add a splash of cream, chocolate milk or shot of Patron XO. Warning! This easy-drinking concentrate packs a punch. 

Cascara - Coffee Cherry Tea

12 oz, 3.00

4 oz bag, 8.00


Costa Rican Las LaJas Pearla Negra Cascara: Cascara is dried coffee cherry skin with the slightest bit of residual fruit clinging to it. Often treated as a waste by-product in the pulping process, Cascara is seeing a resurgence in popularity within the specialty coffee community. It can be brewed and enjoyed as a hot tea, cold beverage over ice or mixed with a variety of complimentary fruit juices and tonics. 

  • Naturally processed. Altitude, 1400masl/4500ft. From Finca San Luis in Costa Rica

  • Region: Central Valley, Sbinilla de Alajuela

  • Tasting Notes: Cherry and stone fruit flavors dominate with a faint cacao essence creating a unique taste experience

Hot Brewing Instructions: 18 grams loose cascara to 250 grams (8oz) hot water just off boil.  Let steep for 4-20 minutes (4 minutes for a lighter extraction and 20 minutes for a thick and syrupy extraction).  

Cold Brew Instructions: 35 grams loose cascara to each 250 grams cold water, let steep overnight in the fridge

Specialty coffee for your private event

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